Report Builder ActiveX.SetExpText() problem

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Report Builder ActiveX.SetExpText() problem

Post by ivano_osti » 26 Dec 2013, 19:18


I'm not sure if it is a bug or Gupta changed something with the function SetExpText(). I had this function working fine with previous versions of TD6.0 but I'm also having this problem with both TD6.0-SP8 and TD62-SP1.

The problem is that this function is now adding the character ' before and after an input item. See:
The field Formula22 should not have the character ' before and after ITEM_PRICE. With this behavior, the field works like a header and not as an input item. See bellow where you see "ITEM_PRICE" should show the item price values instead:
As you see above, all the input items (STYLE, COLOR, ITEM_PRICE and QUANTITY) are working as "headers".

If you remove the character ' before and after ITEM_PRICE, it works fine. See:
One more time I say that I had this working fine with previous versions of TD6.0.

The reprocase is found at:
I use this ActiveX inside my "Report Generator" tool and I used the sample here in this topic just as a reprocase.

If it is not a bug and just a function's behavior's change, I would thank in advance if a friend show me "what changed" whith the function.

Thank you.
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