Solved TD-16994: RTF Report RPT_PrintRange Problem

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TD-16994: RTF Report RPT_PrintRange Problem

Post by EWetzel » 06 Jan 2012, 09:34


the RPT_PrintRange option in SalReportPrint or SalReportPrintToFileEx does not work correctly with RTF Content > 1 page.

I attached a sample. I tested with TD6 SP4.

BUG 1 uses the standard printer
- start the reprtftest.exe
- press button 2 (the whole report should be printed, in my case 4 pages) OK !!!
- press button 4 (only page 2 should be printed, it prints page 2 but with the RTF content of page 1) BUG!!!

BUG 2 with the internal PDF Creator
- start the reprtftest.exe
- press button 3 (the file PDF.PDF is created with 4 pages) OK !!!
- press button 5 (the file PDFX.PDF is created, there are 2 pages in this pdf file, the 1 page is empty and on the 2 page is the RTF content from page 1) BUG!!!

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Jeff Luther

Re: TD-16994: RTF Report RPT_PrintRange Problem

Post by Jeff Luther » 10 Jan 2012, 00:12

Yes, I see the problem. To summarize the issue:
** Your have a RichText Control (RTC) in the Detail Block of your report test case

** Before the report is printed (to printer or PDF file) you assign 2+ pages of lines (120 items) to the RT variable in the app for the RTC field in the report

** Now RB prints 'page 2'... but RB does not know where 'page 2' of the RichText data contents starts. (It can only know where page *2* is when it is able to start printing the RTC data from the beginning.) Additionally, RB is printing a blank 'first' page, part of the defect.

** It only knows to print what the TD app. gives it in the test case wp_Data variables.

** So, when RB prints 'page 2' of the report and get the RT data internally from TD, it is starting the RichText data at the beginning of the value. (And this is really page *1* of the RT text data, because your RT data is spanning > 1 page.)

(You may not be interested in these details, but I feel we all need to know the why of an issue like this is happening.)

I will enter this as a TD/RB defect for development to look at this. New defect is: TD-16994

In the meantime, there is one way to possibly fix this problem for you. I did not code in this change, but if you are able to divide some RichText value into separate pages -- on my machine + HP printer it appears that 56 lines = 1 'page' of RichText lines, based on your test case + how you have designed the test QRP file -- then RB might print page '2' QRP and page '2' of the RichText OK.

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