Qrp has wrong print settings on second print

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Brian Howard

Qrp has wrong print settings on second print

Post by Brian Howard » 01 May 2014, 06:14


We have an issue in TD 6 ptf 4 where a qrp print preview will select from the wrong tray on the second print.

To demonstrate this you need to have 2 printers installed:
Printer 1 ( the windows default printer ) configured in windows to print using Tray 2.
Printer 2 configured in windows to use the Manual Feed tray.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
Open the qrp print preview window, select Print icon, then select the Printer 2. ( note that its preference is correctly set to "Manual Feed" ).
Print the document, and close the print preview window.

Again open the qrp print preview, this time when you select to print, Printer 2 is already selected however when you look at the preferences the tray is Tray 2 ( i.e. Printer 1 the default ).

The only way to rectify this is to select printer 1 then reselect printer 2, or to close the exe and reopen it.

Could you please advise if this is fixed in any later versions of TD, or preferably if there is a work aroound that does not require user input.

Repro attached.

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