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Christian Fussenegger


Post by Christian Fussenegger » 23 Mar 2005, 17:22

 Posted by:  Christian Fussenegger 

Hello chefs!

I need help by the function:

EmailSendMessage (bAllowEmailInterface, sSubject, sText, sToRecips,
sCCRecips, sBCCRecips, sAttachments, nPriority, bRetReceipt)

There is the problem with the attachments. I want to send a few
attachments with the email, but there are blanks in the string.

Example-> c:\temp\abc def.xls; c:\temp\ghi jkl.doc

I tried it with "", but with no success. Then with the function
GetShortPathNameA -> no success!

Is there a simple solution for my problem? I heard that other people
renames the files, but i don`t like to do that.


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