xml linefeed at end tag

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xml linefeed at end tag

Post by Enrico » 22 Mar 2005, 19:27

 Posted by:  Enrico 


I use Ms Xml 4.0 to create a xml file.
If I open my file with text editor ( wordpad ) all my file is on only one
If I open my file with xml editor ( or internet explorer ) my file is Ok.

How I can "format" my xml file with line feed at end tag?


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xml linefeed at end tag

Post by StefanM » 02 Apr 2005, 20:04

 Posted by:  Stefan Misch 


an XML editor or IE is recognizes the structure of an XML document. This has
nothing to do with linefeeds or indentation using spaces or tabs.

There is a property "preserveWhiteSpace" which can be set to TRUE/FALSE when
loading an XML document from a file. But if you construct your XML document
using the DOM-methods then you have no control where there should be any
linefeeds or spaces/tabs for indentation. Regarding the DOM this is not even
neccessary, because the structure of the XML document is given by the tag
sequence and not by a human-readable format.

If you need more information, please see (link maybe broken because of line
length limitation)


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