SalStrCompress - SalStrUncompress error ??

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Philippe Belet

SalStrCompress - SalStrUncompress error ??

Post by Philippe Belet » 17 Mar 2005, 12:36

 Posted by:  Philippe Belet 

Hi everybody,

I'm using SalStrCompress to store a long string in an Oracle DB (long).
The problem that I'm having is that the compressed string, that is
saved in the DB isn't the same string as the original one after
SalStrUnCompress ?
The result after the uncompress is about half as long...

Any ideas ??


Jeff Luther
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SalStrCompress - SalStrUncompress error ??

Post by Jeff Luther » 17 Mar 2005, 17:18

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Find out what the value for the parameter LONGBUFFER is in your SQL.INI file.
That might be the problem. You can read about that parm. in, CCOD.PDF,
"Connecting Gupta Objects to Databases" There's a link on my page below to
the Gupta documents.

As a test, I would compress a Long String "about half as long" as the one
you have been testing, and see if it compresses and uncompresses ok. That
1/2 length value may be what LONGBUFFER is set to (?)

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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