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K C Li


Post by K C Li » 14 Mar 2005, 18:10

 Posted by:  KC Li 

Hi all,

I am still using Team Developer 1.1.2 with Report Windows.
One of our customers has the follwoing message when he run our apps to
produce a report:
'The ordinal 255 could not be located in the dynamic link library
Could smoebody help?
What is the GSWDLL32.DLL for by the way?

Best Regards,


Jim McNamara


Post by Jim McNamara » 14 Mar 2005, 20:39

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

It's the graphics server that ships with TD. My first guess is you have a
version of this dll that is not compatible with TD 1.1.2

Rainer Ebert


Post by Rainer Ebert » 15 Mar 2005, 11:58

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

I think, you are right. This graphics server is not only shipped with TD,
but with (many) other products.

Gupta installes the graphics server in the TD installation directory.

Other products install the graphics server in the windows\system32

If you use a newer graphis server than the one shipped with TD, this is no
problem for Report Windows. But if you use an older graphics server, this is
a problem for Report Windows.

What I did at a customer was deleting (after making a backup) all the
graphics server files from the windows\system32 directory. Note that several
files which are part of the graphics server. And note, that the file names
may be different depending on the version of the graphics server. But a good
starting point would be to seach for files "gs*.*" and "im*.*" and than have
a look at the file properties to see if it's part of the graphics server.


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