Gupta <-> Crystal Reports 10 question

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Gupta <-> Crystal Reports 10 question

Post by klaushaidinger » 02 Mar 2005, 15:38

 Posted by:  Klaus Haidinger 

Hi everybody,

i´m currently using Crystal Reports 10 (Report Viewer Component) and it
works fine as far as i use the same DSN in the Source as i used when i
created the report in the CR-Designer Application.

So if the .rpt was created with ODBC-Connection on the
sqlserver-database "DB" and i want to connect to "DB-DEMO" (which is
exactly the same) in my Application, it says the connection for User
"usr" failed.

In my application i use

crystalapplication.LogOnServer ('crdb_odbc.dll', sDSN, vardb, varuser,

to connect. The return value of this call is TRUE (??!!?). The next
steps are

Set bOk=repvar.SetObject( rep )
Set bOk= axReport.PropSetReportSource( repvar )
Set bOk= axReport.ViewReport( )

On "ViewReport" i got the error.

Can anybody help me?
thank you

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