3.1 Critical Report Builder Bug. ***Quick*** Response Helpful

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3.1 Critical Report Builder Bug. ***Quick*** Response Helpful

Post by Karthik » 23 Feb 2005, 22:04

 Posted by:  karthik 

A major problem has literally nuked our reporting applications. What
happens is that when we call SalReportView, the report appears
normally-with more than 200 lines. Everything looks fine. But on
clicking the print button in the toolbar, the 200 line report is reduced
to 1 line of the grand total. Only 1 line gets printed instead of 200 lines.

This is very bad situation. Poeple are calling from all over and
complaining like hell. We ported some reports from 2.1 from 3.1. We
opened and saw that the reports were looking fine. A major mistake was
that we did not print it.

Whats going on here?. Any response on what to do is very much helpful.
What kind of bug is this?

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Keith Sandberg

3.1 Critical Report Builder Bug. ***Quick*** Response Helpful

Post by Keith Sandberg » 23 Feb 2005, 22:31

 Posted by:  Keith Sandberg 

Sorry I can't help in this instance... but I just wanted to add that we were
similarly "nuked" by Report Builder just last month.

We had an old old QRP that originated in TD 1.5, back in 1999/2000. It
hadn't been edited for years. On Jan 17th, I opened up the QRP with TD
2.1, and simply changed the report header margin (to push the text down on
the page a little). I saved the QRP and put it into production.

The next time the report ran, it started putting an extra CR/LF after the
patient name. I had not touched this field or the Page Body at all. The
extra CR/LF did not show up in the QRP editing screen... it was just "there"
at printing.

The QRP happened to be the report that prints our patient's monthly
statements. The output from the QRP is fed into a mass-mailing system from
Pitney-Bowes. The extra CR/LF after the patient name blew it up..... over
8000 patient statements went out a week late, while we tried to track this
problem down.

We ended up going back to the TD 1.5 QRP. We can't touch it, because
every time we save it in TD 2.1, the mysterious CR/LF comes back. We have a
guy that used to work for Gupta...(he's been doing TD since it came out)..
and he can't figure it out either.

We are re-writing the statement QRP from the ground-up in TD2.1.... and so
far it's been working great.

Just wanted you to know I feel your pain. Hope you get your solution soon!

Keith Sandberg

3.1 Critical Report Builder Bug. ***Quick*** Response Helpful

Post by Keith Sandberg » 23 Feb 2005, 22:43

 Posted by:  Keith Sandberg 

i did some thinking....

the old behavior of QRP's was that the SAM_Report* messages would fire once
when you did the preview... and again when you did the actual print.

I'm wondering if, in this case, the SAM_Report* messages aren't firing again
when you click print.

Can you try printing them directly, without previewing them first?


Alberto Aviles

3.1 Critical Report Builder Bug. ***Quick*** Response Helpful

Post by Alberto Aviles » 24 Feb 2005, 16:12

 Posted by:  Alberto Aviles \(mx\) 

actualy i use QRP file to make my reports and we have some reports that uses
more than 100 pages, alot of rows and i don't have trouble, when i have
ploblems is because the printer drivers...

we make the convertion directly from 1.5 to 3.1, i just have some problems
with the reports and solved with the printer driver, and i use :

Set hWndReporte = SalReportView( C0203033 , hWndNULL , RPT_Template ,
RPT_Inputs, RPT_Inputs, nError )



3.1 Critical Report Builder Bug. ***Quick*** Response Helpful

Post by Karthik » 24 Feb 2005, 19:22

 Posted by:  karthik 

Thanks Keith and Alberto

Thanks Keith. That was a **real** lifesaver. There was some SQL Code on
SAM_ReportStart. We moved it to SAM_ReportFetchInit and now it works !.

We also downloaded the latest PTF and its now okay.

Thanks again,

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