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Markus Weiland

cQuickHTML - messages

Post by Markus Weiland » 01 Feb 2005, 17:11

 Posted by:  Markus Weiland 

hi NG.

is there a way to check if a user clicks on a HREF in a cQuickHTML object.

following situation: the HREF calls a javascript that hides/shows some parts
of the html document. we need to store if the user has hide or shown these
parts to store this setting for the next time.

the only messages of cQuickHTML are if the html page is reloaded.
i hope there are some other messages or does anybody know another way to
show a html page where i can check these messages i need.

thanks in advance.
Markus Weiland
RTS Real Time Communication Systems GmbH
CTD 1.5.1 PTF 6
MImg & MTbl
XSAL2 MR11 (
OS: 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP

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