Citrix performance issue

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Citrix performance issue

Post by Karthik » 25 Jan 2005, 21:40

 Posted by:  Karthik 

We have some severe problem with performance. Our server is in
california. Some users in old Europe are complaining that reports take
forever to print- sometimes 15 mins to 20 mins. Our server runs the
latest citrix on windows 2003. We use centura 3.1 and centura report
builder. Also downloading from table windows is another urgent issue.
It takes forever for them to download.

Now, how can i address this issue at the program level?. The queries as
such are bad, but the real problem is the slowness of citrix.

What i am thinking is that instead of printing to printer, i print to a
PDF file, zip it using some third party tool like XSAL(if it can do it)
and save it on the citrix client

Will this actually work and boost performance?. The demo of XSal cant be
deployed right?. And there is no point in me developing because i cant
test till its deployed.

If someone has any other solution, please respond.


Jim McNamara

Citrix performance issue

Post by Jim McNamara » 25 Jan 2005, 22:18

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Hi Karthik,

I'm not a cheerleader for Citrix or other terminal services. I deploy
everything as client/server & use tcp/ip over the internet to connect to the
database. No network server, no VPN, as little overhead as possible. All
clients have at least a software firewall and the database servers are
guarded by both hardware and software firewalls. All of my client locations
except one has at least a DSL connection. The exception has 3 multi-linked
modems to give them a 150k + bandwidth.

From a programming standpoint there is probably not a damned thing you can
do. Inform the users that are complaining that they must beef up their
bandwidth to get satisfactory performance.

Also keep in mind that their slow connections impact the overall performance
of your server. It's having to keep track of those print jobs & other
download processes all the 15-20 mins that its taking vs. just a few seconds
over a good high speed connection.

Ezequiel Olmas

Citrix performance issue

Post by Ezequiel Olmas » 26 Jan 2005, 15:32

 Posted by:  Ezequiel Olmas 

I have no problem with Citrix an CTD 30. It's very fast. Really works fine.

J.Bernhard Weber

Citrix performance issue

Post by J.Bernhard Weber » 13 Feb 2005, 20:46

 Posted by:  J.Bernhard Weber 

Hi Karthik,

how is performance over LAN ?
if that is slow too, then the server is underpowered,
otherwise configure the the screen with as few colors as possible (256
colors ?)

Printing: look for thinprint or other special tool for remote printing
with terminalserver.

hth Berni

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