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Victor Dionisio

Pool Printing

Post by Victor Dionisio » 25 Jan 2005, 21:29

 Posted by:  Victor Dionisio 

Has any one experience any issues when using the SalPrtSetDefault()
retrieving all the ports assigned to a Printer Pool or Fax Pool?

Printer A - winspool, :lpt1
Printer B - winspool, :lpt2
Pool Printer - winspool, :lpt1, :lpt2, :lpt3, :Com1, :Com2 (up to 15 ports)

SalPrtSetDefault will set the Port w/ the following (:lpt1, :lpt2, :lpt3,
:Com1, :Com2) and crashing the application. What is saved in the Registry
on the other hand is "Pool Printer,Winspool, :Ne08" when setting the default
printer from the control panel.

"Pool Printer,Winspool, :Ne08". is what I am looking for. What is the work
around without reading the Registry?

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