Migrate from 3.0 ?

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Nalin Molligoda

Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Nalin Molligoda » 25 Jan 2005, 03:37

 Posted by:  Nalin Molligoda 

We are currently considering migrating all our application from GTD 3.0 but
haven't decided the version yet. I like to hear your experiences and
comments on upgrading from 3.0. We don't have any plans of X-platform
development yet. Between 3.1 and 4.0 are there any advantages disadvantages
that we should know of ? I went thru the Gupta web site but couldn't find
much info on differences/advantages between these two versions apart from
Linux support of 4.0. We use Sybase as the back end for all our apps.


Martin Teetz

Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Martin Teetz » 25 Jan 2005, 09:31

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

This is the relevant feature information.

You can also download thr TD 2005 trial and the sample applications. The
samples contain emxamples for all new features.

Best regards,

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Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Mirko » 25 Jan 2005, 09:47

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

Hi Nalin,

If you choose v3.1 you'll certenly miss the fantastik brand new «Find And
Replace» dialog !!!


BTW I did not hear anything (from users on this ng) about bugs (fixes & new)
with the V 2005 realease.
Maybe it is a bit too early (I did not recive it yet) to take a decision.
I'd wait for some more users feed-back !!!
If v3.1 bugs are fixed indeed in v2005 (extended tables, aca, ...) I'd
rather prefer to upgrade to the newest version

Dave Rabelink
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Founder/Site Admin
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Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Dave Rabelink » 25 Jan 2005, 10:10

 Posted by:  Dave Rabelink 

What i did discover was that the object compiler is no longer part of
the package. It will be open source, so we have to fix the persistent
bugs ourselves.

We are still waiting for the sources to be released.

Didier Tourneur

Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Didier Tourneur » 25 Jan 2005, 12:49

 Posted by:  Didier Tourneur 

But with the new bug.

Niels Allerheiligen

Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Niels Allerheiligen » 25 Jan 2005, 16:06

 Posted by:  Niels Allerheiligen 

Um...did I miss something? Which bug are you talking about? I didn't
test TD 2005. I'm just curious.


Nalin Molligoda

Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Nalin Molligoda » 26 Jan 2005, 01:48

 Posted by:  Nalin Molligoda 

Thanks everyone for the feedback.
So, to me it looks like TD2005 is the one.
I have never used object compiler in TD before, could someone pl. explain
what this does ? And are there any more negatives in going for TD2005 ?


Ernesto de Miguel

Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Ernesto de Miguel » 26 Jan 2005, 16:35

 Posted by:  Ernesto de Miguel 

Hi Nalin,

Object compiler was intended to build a DLL (the classic one, not the COM
Server) using an external C++ compiler.

When version 2.1 was released, Gupta adopted the COM strategy and begun to
advise not to use Object Compiler any more as it was being deprecated. Looks
like they have finally removed it in TD 2005.

If you don't have any DLL programmed with TD or the only DLLs you have ever
built are COM Servers, then you don't have to care about Object Compiler at
all. On the other hand, if you have a DLL in your code, you should either
stay with 3.1 or redesign your DLL as a COM object (or use any other
language to build your DLL).

Best regards

Darren C

Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Darren C » 26 Jan 2005, 21:29

 Posted by:  Darren C 

From Team Developer help:

The Object Compiler improves the runtime performance and resource use of
Centura SQLWindows applications.
Using a Centura SQLWindows application (source file) as input, the Object

1. Translates actions in internal functions and class functions into C
language statements.
2. Translates message actions in general window classes into C language
3. Using a general purpose C compiler such as Microsoft Visual C++, compiles
the C language statements into a DLL.
4. Creates a new Centura SQLWindows application outline (*.APC output file)
that contains an external function definition for each function in the DLL.
In the actions sections, the Object Compiler replaces statements with calls
to functions in the DLL. This output application takes the place of the
original application

In short, the Object Compiler makes actions in an application into external
functions in a DLL.

The performance gains can be very impressive in some cases, especially if
you design your application with the Object Compiler in mind. I expect that
some non trivial applications out there *need* to use the object compiler to
get acceptable performance (SAL isn't very fast for compute intensive

Will Gupta continue to offer official support for the Object Compiler now
that it is open source? They could, but I expect they will not. As such, I
am not sure how many customers will continue to use it going forward.


Nalin Molligoda

Migrate from 3.0 ?

Post by Nalin Molligoda » 28 Jan 2005, 05:09

 Posted by:  Nalin Molligoda 

Are there any changes to the ActiceX implementation in 3.1 or 2005 compared
to 3.0 ? Anything that we should worry about when migrating ?


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