slow reply from SQLBase 8.5

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slow reply from SQLBase 8.5

Post by one » 24 Jan 2005, 09:46

 Posted by:  one 

Hello NG.

I'm using SQLBase 8.5 and SqlWindows 3.1.

The program I create populate its list box and combo box with items/data
from SQLBase. However, populating the list boxes and combo boxes, it
takes quite sometime to populate. In one case, there are 4 combo boxes
to be populated. And the total result for each combo box is less than
100 results. Is it normal for the populating process to take a long
time. This happen when I am trying to obtain the result remotely from
the server.

Hope someone has experience this or have any feedback on what I have

Thanks in advance! :)


Krister Henningsson

slow reply from SQLBase 8.5

Post by Krister Henningsson » 24 Jan 2005, 10:54

 Posted by:  Krister Henningsson 

Hello One
How much is a long time?
Regards, Kriss

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Rainer Ebert

slow reply from SQLBase 8.5

Post by Rainer Ebert » 24 Jan 2005, 12:34

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

Use the statement in SQLTalk and
- check the execution plan (an index should be used)
=> perhaps you have to update statistics on the database
or you have to create an additional index
- check the time for fetching the data
(you wrote that you have a remote connection,
perhaps network performance to the remote system is slow)
=> only fetch the columns you really need
or initially populate the combobox on SAM_Dropdown

By the way, what Do you mean with "slow" and how many records are in the
appropriate table (from which 100 shall be displayed in the combobox). And
in my opinion, displaying more than 25 - 50 entries in a combobox should not
be done if not really neccessary.



slow reply from SQLBase 8.5

Post by one » 26 Jan 2005, 19:57

 Posted by:  one 

Hello again,

I think I 've found what's the problem. There is not problem with my
programming or SQLBase result from query. I think it's because of the
network and OS. On the next day, the combo box behave just nice and
working ok. Not a delay for displaying more than 150 of results.

Just to answer Krister and Rainer, what I mean by slow is when
populating the combo box, the program hangs for a while while the combo
box is being populated.

Thanks for the reply.


Didier Tourneur

slow reply from SQLBase 8.5

Post by Didier Tourneur » 27 Jan 2005, 08:17

 Posted by:  Didier Tourneur 

I have the problem with sqlbase 9.0 when i have view with the old join
syntax and request using this view with the new koin syntax.


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