Enter as the selection option

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Enter as the selection option

Post by one » 17 Jan 2005, 15:43

 Posted by:  one 


I'm using SqlWindows 3.1 ptf2, the problem I'm having is to use Enter as the
validation/selection tool in a combo box. Usually I just use on SAM_Click
to select the selection made, but now I need to add the Enter key as the
selection method to the combo box.

Thanks in advance.


Jim McNamara

Enter as the selection option

Post by Jim McNamara » 17 Jan 2005, 16:30

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

You're spoiling your users with non-standard methods. I'd tell my users it
can't be done. But of you must, see SalMapEnterToTab(...)


Enter as the selection option

Post by Karthik » 17 Jan 2005, 20:00

 Posted by:  Karthik 

According to Microsoft Interface Guidelines, thats allowed in dialog boxes.

Alternatively, he can use AutoComplete in the combo-box. To OP: Contact
me in Private E Mail for the code.


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