Executing MS Sqlserver stored procedures

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Jeremy Kenny

Executing MS Sqlserver stored procedures

Post by Jeremy Kenny » 16 Jan 2005, 16:06

 Posted by:  Jeremy Kenny 


I am having problems executing MS SqlServer 2000 Stored Procedures from
within my Gupta TD 3.1 PTF 2 application. I connect via OLE.

I would like to add , delete , and amend a users password from my
application but can't seem to manage it. An example bit of code that I have
written to amend a users password is below.

Any help would be appreciated.


Set sCall = "EXEC sp_password 'AAA', 'BBB', 'Cupidev' "

If SqlPrepareSP (hSqlA, sCall, STRING_Null)

Call SqlExecute(hSqlA)

Call SalStatusSetText( hWndForm, 'Password changed' )

Anton Lwow

Executing MS Sqlserver stored procedures

Post by Anton Lwow » 17 Jan 2005, 07:42

 Posted by:  Anton Lwow 

i use

SqlPrepareAndExecute( _hSqlDDL, _"SP_PASSWORD NULL, " || strPassword || ", "
|| strName )

and it works, but i dont use OLE.

May be need also
Call SqlSetParameter( _hSqlDDL, DBP_AUTOCOMMIT, TRUE, '' )


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Martin Duty

Executing MS Sqlserver stored procedures

Post by Martin Duty » 17 Jan 2005, 18:03

 Posted by:  Martin Duty 


Is this what you are looking for? You will need to change some data on the
App_Startup to work.


Martin Duty
IT Manager
Underground Vaults & Storage, Inc.
TD 3.0 PFT2
Client Win 2K/XP
Database MS Sql Server 2000

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