PDF Data Merge

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Dave Seay

PDF Data Merge

Post by Dave Seay » 13 Jan 2005, 15:42

 Posted by:  Dave Seay 

We are looking for a tool for forms printing with merged data that has
either a API to a DLL or be an ActiveX DLL (API preferred).

We currently use 2 forms vendor and their print engine by which we can
'poke' individual loan specific data into field on their forms. They are
very expensive and we are looking at a new smaller market that will not bear
that expense.

We would like to find a programming tool by which, at design time, we could
create a set of master PDF's from a set of forms image files we have and add
text field to them. These master PDFs would be distributed to our
customers. Then at run time, from within our application running at each of
these customer sites, we would select a certain master PDF, 'poke' data into
these fields and print the form and/or save it as a completed PDF for
filing. Printing should require no more user interaction than it currently
does (click a button and go to the printer to retrieve the form).

Any suggestions? I've looked at a few but nothing works as we need it
including, as far as I can tell, the Amyuni PDF Creator.



PDF Data Merge

Post by g.achrainer » 13 Jan 2005, 16:01

 Posted by:  g.achrainer 


if it is a considerable option: List & Label (www.combit.net) is a report
generator that can easily be implemented, is not too expensive, has a free
designer for your customers and natively supports creation of PDF files.

So what you'd need to do is create not a PDF, but a report template which
can be filled with data. Then you are able to create a PDF from the report.



Dave Seay

PDF Data Merge

Post by Dave Seay » 13 Jan 2005, 18:16

 Posted by:  Dave Seay 

Ok, lets expand this.

I need a merge printing utility that has an SDK. I must support the
creation of forms with data fields and they printing of the same. I already
have a setup to capture the print output to a PDF so all I really need is
the forms creation, data merge and programmatic printing.



PDF Data Merge

Post by Ifo » 17 Jan 2005, 07:54

 Posted by:  Ifo 

Slovak ministry of finance has published forms
for VAT, that were created in (i suppose) in
Adobe Acrobat. They published PDF form and
description of FDF file, which is xml-like text
file with data. We create FDF file with data and
call Acrobat Reader - FDF data and PDF form are
merged together and displayed in Reader window.
Then, pure PDF file can be saved or printed.
We don't know how they created PDF form, just
suppose that with Adobe Acrobat. This looks like
the right way.

Ifo, tangram software, Slovakia

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