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Ernest Geyskens

listview - Edit Items

Post by Ernest Geyskens » 23 Dec 2004, 10:54

 Posted by:  Ernest Geyskens 

I need to edit the different columns of a listview when I
click on a item in order to change the value.
I can't do it an I don't find any information in
Can someone help me ?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Ernest Geyskens,

Christian Astor

listview - Edit Items

Post by Christian Astor » 26 Dec 2004, 14:39

 Posted by:  Christian ASTOR 

eg with an Edit control in a popup & WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW dlg displayed on
NM_CLICK notification.
GetCursorPos(), ScreenToClient(), LVM_SUBITEMHITTEST,
LVM_GETSUBITEMRECT, SetWindowPos() to position it.

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