Terminal Server - does it work?

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Terminal Server - does it work?

Post by g.achrainer » 06 Dec 2004, 16:08

 Posted by:  g.achrainer 


I know this has been asked a few days ago, but I was hoping to get some
response from anyone using it already...

As Gupta states (http://www.guptaworldwide.com/Support/B_TD_040403.aspx),
neither Terminal Server nor Citrix is supported, but what does it mean to
me? We already use a Terminal Server environment without any problems so
far, but there are only about 3-5 users.

If there are known problems in the newer versions of TD, I'd step back to an
older version, but I definitely cannot abandon Terminal Server.

So my questions are:
. Is anyone using Terminal Server (2000 & 2003) with TD 3.x and more than 5
. What problems do we have to expect when using Terminal Server?
. Are there any specific things to avoid when using Terminal Server?

Thanks for any answers,


Pablo Martinez

Terminal Server - does it work?

Post by Pablo Martinez » 06 Dec 2004, 17:25

 Posted by:  Pablo Martinez 

I'm currently work with CTD 2.1 and Terminal Server enviroment with 15 User
without any problem.

I am planning to update to CTD 3.1 , and i'm truly interest about that, If
anyone Knows about we will preciated any notice.


Dmitry Parkhomenko

Terminal Server - does it work?

Post by Dmitry Parkhomenko » 06 Dec 2004, 17:56

 Posted by:  Dmitry Parkhomenko 

One our customer uses our CTD2.1 app under Cytrix. No problem except one
important thing. If app for some reason crashed then noone connected user
can start it till server restarts. As far as I know the same is for Terminal

Rainer Ebert

Terminal Server - does it work?

Post by Rainer Ebert » 06 Dec 2004, 21:13

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 


one of our customers runs a TD2.1PTF4 app (with XSal, M!Table, many api
functions) under Citrix Metaframe (over VPN - 12 concurrent users at
maximum, not more than 2 - 3 users usually) and no problem has been reported
to me so far.


Dan Jacob

Terminal Server - does it work?

Post by Dan Jacob » 08 Dec 2004, 02:17

 Posted by:  Dan Jacob 


We have been using terminal server and Citrix for years, with TD 1.1.2 up to
current 3.1, runing various versions of Terminal server from NT4 to 2003.
Number of users per server (we currently have 6 Terminal servers) can range
from a few, to over 20.

Stability has been an issue, but seems very inconsistent - they have their
good and bad days, and some particular servers are more unstable than
others, and we suspect hardware issues. Our customers using our software on
terminal servers also have similar problems, and generally reboot once or
twice per day.
One customer has over concurrent 200 users, remotely connected, but I am not
sure how many servers are in use.


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