schema XSD in XML

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schema XSD in XML

Post by Enrico » 04 Dec 2004, 19:56

 Posted by:  Enrico 

How I can use in Centura a file XSD to validate my file XML?


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schema XSD in XML

Post by StefanM » 05 Dec 2004, 10:13

 Posted by:  Stefan Misch 


one way would be to use the MSXML Parser as ActiveX-control (guess you that
already). There you have all XML-related functions to load, parse and
validate your XML. To get you started please see the following link (with a
JScript sample, VB sample also available, just change "..JScript.asp" to
"..VB.asp" in the link below):

Note that TD's COM-implementation does not allow you to use certain
functions and COM-Objects from MSXML (i.e. all SAX-related stuff, streams).


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