Balloon notification in systemtray

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Balloon notification in systemtray

Post by TAB » 04 Nov 2004, 01:40

 Posted by:  TAB 

Does anyone have a sample of how to use the Shell_NotifyIcon function to
show a notification as a balloon in the system tray? I know how to do it as
a tool tip, but need to do it as a balloon.

Niels Allerheiligen

Balloon notification in systemtray

Post by Niels Allerheiligen » 08 Nov 2004, 10:36

 Posted by:  Niels Allerheiligen 

Never did tried it, but perhaps this may help:


typedef struct _NOTIFYICONDATA {
DWORD cbSize;
HWND hWnd;
UINT uFlags;
UINT uCallbackMessage;
HICON hIcon;
TCHAR szTip[64];
DWORD dwState;
DWORD dwStateMask;
TCHAR szInfo[256];
union {
UINT uTimeout;
UINT uVersion;
TCHAR szInfoTitle[64];
DWORD dwInfoFlags;
GUID guidItem;



If you set the NIF_INFO flag in the uFlags member, the standard ToolTip
is replaced by a balloon ToolTip. For more discussion of balloon
ToolTips, see the Using ToolTip Controls chapter.


PS: Google is your friend. Learn to use it. :)
PPS: NIF_INFO = 0x00000010

Matthias Körner

Balloon notification in systemtray

Post by Matthias Körner » 20 Dec 2004, 17:14

 Posted by:  Matthias Körner 

Do You have found an solution?
I am try this since any days...
but it seems to be that the shell can´t switch the version to W2k by using
NIM_SETVERSION. Alweays 64 Chars was displayed als Tip in the tray. Whe
Shell_NotifyIcon was using V5 then 128 Char can displayed.

Matthias Koerner


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