!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

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Jim McNamara

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Jim McNamara » 09 Oct 2003, 01:40

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Is the crash in the IDE reproducable - i.e. you can take a specific action
or set of actions to cause it to occur?

Look for empty lines in the outline. A line that only has a diamond, or a
line that has nothing. I have seen that cause problems.

Christian Fussenegger

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Christian Fussenegger » 24 Mar 2005, 14:15

 Posted by:  Christian Fussenegger 


When gupta crashes at the start -> try to delete UI in regedit
(HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Gupta/SqlWindows 3.0/UI). When Gupta get
crashed, there can be a problem in the registry. Gupta creates this file
again by the next start.

If that doesn´t help, try to change the .dll and .sql from a current
version who works. Perhaps you have a .dll from another version of Gupta.

Another problem can be a simulate windows-desktop. On some programms who
simulates the windows desktop gupta crashed. So you can only install
Gupta on a local machine.


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