Concatenating Bitmaps

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Concatenating Bitmaps

Post by MajorWoody » 14 Jun 2005, 08:09

 Posted by:  MajorWoody <> 

Hi there,

I have a problem with Bitmaps in Gupta Sql Windows. I have an entity
with 4 status values. Each of those values have 8 possibilities to be
set. For those 8 possibilities I have a Bitmap.

It is necessary to show all status values in different places - Outline
Listbox, Table Column and Picture Item. So I need one Bitmap instead of
four. What I have done to make this work is loading the 4 resources
with SalPicSet into a Picture Item and get the String with
SalPicGetString. Then I write the strings to a buffer with
SWinStringGetBuffer. Now I have 4 Buffers which I combine to one Buffer
with the 4 Bitmaps in just one. I use CStructCopyBuffer for that.

Now I have one Buffer with the wanted Bitmap. But how can I get an
image handle or a resource out of that? Because I didn't find a way to
get one of that, I write the buffer one byte after the other into a
file and load that file into the Picture Item, the Table Column or the
Outline Listbox.

Has anyone a better idea? Can I get the same result without using the
file system? I would like to have a method without using Picture Items
to get the string buffer, too.

Thanks in advance


Concatenating Bitmaps

Post by MajorWoody » 28 Jun 2005, 12:04

 Posted by:  MajorWoody <> 

I used XSalImage-Functions and now it works.

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