Team Developer 4.2 Issues with basic repainting when running as MDI

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Paul Du Bois

Team Developer 4.2 Issues with basic repainting when running as MDI

Post by Paul Du Bois » 19 Jun 2008, 04:22

 Posted by:  Paul Du Bois 

Hi All

We have recently upgraded our existing CTD2.1 applications to Team Developer
4.2 latest build, and mostly the upgrade has been fine.

However we have recurring problems with MDI child windows not repainting
properly when a window is opened on top of them, or even with basic
behaviours like drop down lists and popup edit text columns.

An example is:
We have a form with a listview component displaying a list of data. User
then alt-tabs to another application window, and then alt-tabs back. The
listview goes grey - i.e. it does not repaint/refresh after focus is
returned to the Gupta application.

Another example:
We have a string column in a table window that is set to Popup-Edit
property. When user clicks in the field, the field drops down the
multi-line entry as normal, but the whole thing is grey.

I have attached some screenshots showing what I mean. Functionally the
controls still work, but visually it is quite bad from a user perspective.

These are fairly obvious issues and we really need to resolve them.

We have found that in some cases, we can code in a SalInvalidateWindow call
to force the repaint, but the issue we have is that in a lot of cases we do
not have an event to hook into.
For example when the user alt-tabs or a dialog box returns control back to
the window having repainting issues, we cannot find an event that fires to
indicate that focus has returned.
ON_SAM_SetFocus and ON_SAM_Activate for example don't fire.

Interestingly, we also have some of our application suite that does not use
MDI - uses a frames based form approach instead - and that side works fine
with no repainting issues.

We have tried out the evaluation version of Team Developer 5.1, and still
have the same issues.

This is a definite bug then even in the latest version.



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Re: Team Developer 4.2 Issues with basic repainting when running as MDI

Post by RainerE » 19 Jun 2008, 09:23

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

We are using TD 4.2 and do not have those issues.

Are you sure that you have replaced all the links to the old xxx21.dll by
xxx42.dll? Execute Find & Replace in TD, search for "21.dll" and if you find
one, replace it by 42.dll (or better by "class default", if possible).

Not to say that you should save ALL your sourcecode in text format.


Paul Du Bois

Re: Team Developer 4.2 Issues with basic repainting when running as MDI

Post by Paul Du Bois » 26 Jun 2008, 05:21

 Posted by:  Paul Du Bois 

Yes, we did all that.
The code compiles fine on a TD4.2 only isolation machine, so we know there
are no hidden dependencies back into 2.1.

Eventually what we have done is ripped out the MDI and revamped the whole
product look and feel to run with the old child screens as new, independent
windows. The repainting issue is completely resolved with this approach,
but we have had to do a fair bit of work in moving the MDI toolbar, keyboard
shortcuts and menus into the child form class libraries.

Still have no idea why our MDI version didn't work, but it was quicker to
rework the UI than the few weeks we have spent trying to fix the individual
repaint issues.

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