Bitmaps on buttons in CTD51

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Philip Hautekiet

Bitmaps on buttons in CTD51

Post by Philip Hautekiet » 07 Feb 2008, 09:53

 Posted by:  Philip Hautekiet 

In Centura 1.5 PTF 5 we're using a huge amount of .bmp's (Ok,
Cancel,Word,Excel,...,...) to have a nice style of buttons.
The set is also translated from dutch to french and changed at runtime,
depending on the desired language of the user of the application.

Each button is 157x21 pixels.

Now we noticed that the left part of the button isn't show in CTD5.1
It seems the mechanism has changed, especially when the button is smaller
than the bitmap.

Is there a possibility to change this behaviour of Centura or should we
redesign all our (classes of our all) buttons?

Thanks in advance.

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