What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

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What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by martinenco » 21 Nov 2007, 02:49

 Posted by:  Enrique Martinenco 

Dear Gupta/Unify folks....... So?

In a message wrote 12-Nov Maritn Teetz say "We are looking to release SP1
early December this year."

This is like "early summer 2007" 5.1 version??????? :(

One SP / 2 GLS...............

This release of 5.1 is unnusable.

Whe will not migrate until receive sp1 ant test it......... :((((((

Enrique Martinenco , a very disappointed customer.....

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Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by martinenco » 21 Nov 2007, 02:50

 Posted by:  Enrique Martinenco 

Hi James.

I don't wish to create a discussion on this topic. Only shake the Unify
guys a little.
I'm in IT bussines since 1976. and in the system engeneering consulting
bussines since 1990.
In my work i been seen al lot of estimations fails. The most myself. One
thing what I learned is there are three deadlines in a software project.
a) The marketing deadline .This very often have no connection with the real
world and of course is totaly ignorant of the technical time.
b) The proyect manager deadline. This is a balance (some times good, some
times no so good) between marketing deadline and the project manager
perception of project reality. Him or her are deeply infuenced by marketing
b) The real deadline. This is the time we, the programmers o system
architects realisticaly estimate, and in my experience, when those
estimations are make without listen to the marketing people and the proyect
manager, are normaly accurate ( +- 20%.)
I was and I'm a programmer . I love this profession. I work with Gupta since
1994 and I love this tool.
I undestand your mail but... WHY Martin said earlier december?. He inform us
(techical people) the marketing deadline not the real one. He can said end
of January or something else and then we can make ours migration plans more
The post with TD 5.1 bugs starts two or three days before the release( Oct,
09) . My be the Unify guys must correct the more anyoning bugs and release a
new build. I log the bugs on my products and plan and correct the more
anyoning in timeframes of a week . My small company use a variation of Scrum
Agile depelopment method. I Asume that our software have errors and correct
and deliver a new buil on a week basis. Some programs have version numbers
like 3.56. We want to deliver software that be valuabe for our clients.

The TD customer community is very pacient and we have been seen this several
times in the past.
The only we need is more truth in the announces.



PD. My english is no so good, please forgiven my linguistics mistakes. I'm a
spanish speaker.


Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by Roman » 03 Dec 2007, 16:19

 Posted by:  Roman 

I think that 7.12. is still early December ;)


Original message from today ( in german ):
Erscheinung des 1. Service Pack für Team Developer 5.1 rückt immer näher

Neuesten Informationen zufolge wird das SP 1 für den Team Developer 5.1
nächste Woche, am 7. Dezember, verfügbar sein. Das Besondere an diesem
SP wird sein, dass es für ALLE Kunden zugänglich sein wird, die Anspruch
auf den Team Developer 5.1 haben.

James McCall

Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by James McCall » 04 Dec 2007, 00:18

 Posted by:  James McCall 

Come on, these guys are programmers just like we are. How often do you hit
your estimates? You know how software development is at the coal face, it's
no respector of hopelessly optimistic time estimates by desperate marketing

In my first job my boss would listen to my estimate, double it and round up
to the next unit (eg. 1 day = 2 weeks). In the next job I had a colleague
who's only wall decor was a big sign saying "quality or now ... you choose".
Two good lessons early in my career.

The Unify programmers do have one advantage we don't have for rapid delivery
of applications, they aren't developing them in TD ;-)

Ian Rudge

Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by Ian Rudge » 04 Dec 2007, 14:51

 Posted by:  Ian Rudge 

As far as I am aware we are still in Early December (until 15th)

Jim McNamara

Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by Jim McNamara » 04 Dec 2007, 16:55

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Sounds sort of like you're planning your release on what you believe is
someone else's 'marketing' release plan. I plan my upgrade releases based
on actually delivery of someone else's product. IMHO, basing on their
forecast and estimates is more than tenuous.

Don Dumrauf

Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by Don Dumrauf » 04 Dec 2007, 19:49

 Posted by:  Don Dumrauf 

Early December or early January or whenever. I just want the thing to work.
As far as quality or now I think we all know the answer is always "Both!"
"There's never enough time to do it right but there's always time to fix

Gregor Stefka

Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by Gregor Stefka » 12 Dec 2007, 09:07

 Posted by:  Gregor Stefka 

Release on 7.12.?

Ok ok i am happy, but which year?


Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by -pete- » 13 Dec 2007, 07:50

 Posted by:  -pete- 


I've got email: "You are invited to attend Unify's new Webinar. We'll cover
how to upgrade to 5.1 and new features in Service Pack 1."
There is 5.1 PTF1 available somewhere???


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Re: What about TD5.1 SP1. Again

Post by wilhelm » 20 Dec 2007, 09:40

 Posted by:  Wilhelm Speck 

try here:

Happy holidays

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