TD 5.1: F10 not working in debug ?

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TD 5.1: F10 not working in debug ?

Post by JaakkoTerhonen » 22 Oct 2007, 14:33

 Posted by:  JT 


I'm running the 5.1. test drive on Windows Vista Business.

I noticed that the F10 key does not execute the "Step Into" function, the
only way is to open the Debug menu and select the menu item. Does F10 work
for anybody else ?

Kind regards,

Jaakko Terhonen

Hervé Debry

Re: TD 5.1: F10 not working in debug ?

Post by Hervé Debry » 23 Oct 2007, 14:26

 Posted by:  Hervé Debry 


I have tried to Reproduce your issue without success. I join a simple app I
I have set a toggle breakpoint on Set frm1.df2=MyFunction(frm1.df1). When I
run in debug mode I stop om this toggle point. Strike on F10 make me enter
in the function.

Have you a small application that reproduce your issue ?

Thanks for your feedback.

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