5.1 Bug with visual styles

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Mauro Mandolesi

5.1 Bug with visual styles

Post by Mauro Mandolesi » 11 Oct 2007, 15:21

 Posted by:  Mauro Mandolesi 

I cannot make a TD application use Windows XP styles anymore. It always
looks out of place with other Windows apps. Even setting the manifest file
doesn't work anymore, it actually crashes the application!

Mauro Mandolesi

Re: 5.1 Bug with visual styles

Post by Mauro Mandolesi » 11 Oct 2007, 18:23

 Posted by:  Mauro Mandolesi 

All VT controls are not skinned, jave not been updated, and do not support
XP styles. If you use the cListView on a form with any UI style, it will
always look different. All controls have the usual black border on XP. The
tree control doesn't use Windows tree control and doesn't respond to the UI
styles, and so on.

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Re: 5.1 Bug with visual styles

Post by markus.essmayr » 18 Oct 2007, 09:08

 Posted by:  Markus Eßmayr 


this is one thing, a also noticed.
The Theme, that is named to be the "Windows XP Theme" does not exactly look
like XP.
I believe that there should be a way of disabling theming at all and allow
to just add a MANIFEST-file (or resource) to enable Common Controls 6.0
style natively.

And, it's true, that adding a MANIFEST-file actually crashes the application
(even before the "Compiled by an evaluation version!" message box).


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