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Copy File Include line

Post by Jarmo Muukka » 16 Aug 2006, 12:06

 Posted by:  Jarmo Muukka 


My colleague added new File Include to source code, but CTD 2.1 did not
compile the source code. The reason was that there were something missing
from the code. I realised what happened. Do following which shows the wrong

1) Add File Include: vt.apl and see that there are many files included.
2) Copy the whole line and paste it after the previous one.
3) Edit the FIRST line (not the new line) to include vtarray.apl instead of
vt.apl and press Enter. You will see that all the files included via vt.apl
are removed. You will also see the File Include: vt.apl on the second line.
4) You will need to Refresh to load files included by vt.apl.

If you save this file and load it later, you will not have problems.

If you edit the copy (second line), there is no problem.


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