TD 4.1 - Print to File (RTF - Format) image rescaling

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Mick D

TD 4.1 - Print to File (RTF - Format) image rescaling

Post by Mick D » 04 Apr 2006, 04:25

 Posted by:  Mick D 

we are experiencing a problem in ReportBuilder that ships with TD 4.1
which is similar to a previous posting by Georg Frueh (Date: Tuesday, 12
April 2005 6:09 PM with subject: TD 4.0.0 - Print to File (RTF - Format) ).
We have been able to identify that when we open a RTF file, produced by a
ReportBuilder report template with images that have the Scale option 'Size
For Best Fit' (using SalReportPrintToFile function), in Word 2000 the images
appear the same size as in our report template (images are scaled down to
fit in the image region). If we open the same file in Word 2003 the images
appear to have been restored to their original size( images are being scaled
back to their original size and the image region is adjust). I am not sure
if this is a bug with TD4.1 or Word 2003 issue?

I have attached a sample rtf file so that you can see the effect on Word
2000 and Word 2003.

Could someone please shed some light on this issue? Thanks in advance.

Mick D.

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