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Jarmo Muukka


Post by Jarmo Muukka » 03 Mar 2006, 08:05

 Posted by:  Jarmo Muukka 

Hello all!

I am modifying our system to dynamically change the user interface language.
To change the background text I used SalSetWindowLabelText, but I noticed it
does not work as documented. Sometimes it changed the backgroud text after
the data field. BTW, we use CTD 2.1 in this system. We do not have newer
versions. The documentation in 1.1 and 2.1 says "Sets the background text of
a window. To be associated with a specific window, background text must
immediately precede the window in the Outliner." I verified that background
texts precede the windows, but function does not do what it says.

I attached a sample application which creates four windows and they all have
little different sets of background texts. As you can see, the behaviour is
quite odd. Does it work as it should work in 3.0 or newer version?

The attached code is in text mode and written in CTD 1.1.

I am going to use bStaticsAsWindows and use Windows API to find
previous/next windows.


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Re: SalSetWindowLabelText

Post by Mirko » 03 Mar 2006, 08:24

 Posted by:  Mirko BOANNO 

Hi Jarmo,
you miss

!!CB!! 28
On SAM_AppStartup
Set bStaticsAsWindows = TRUE


Jarmo Muukka

Re: SalSetWindowLabelText

Post by Jarmo Muukka » 03 Mar 2006, 08:30

 Posted by:  Jarmo Muukka 

Hi Mirko,

How I love the CTD and logical behaviour of their functions and their


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