Trouble open older qrps in 2005.1

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Jenny Redenheim

Trouble open older qrps in 2005.1

Post by Jenny Redenheim » 08 Feb 2006, 09:09

 Posted by:  Jenny Redenheim 


We are having problems opening older qrps, from the beginning made in
Centura 1.5.1/RB1.5, in RB2005/2005.1
We can open them in 3.1, and change them in 3.1 and after a saved change
they can be opened in 2005/2005.1 but not before. Just resaving won't make
All reports are opened and resaved in 3.1 - not all are changed in 3.1

Is this a normal behaviour???


Jeff Luther
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Re: Trouble open older qrps in 2005.1

Post by Jeff Luther » 08 Feb 2006, 18:26

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Shouldn't be, of course. But I'm not suprised, because v1.5 --> v4.1 is a
big jump, and RB hasn't had the best track record over those 4+ years in
terms of its robustness.

Looks like you found a good interim way to fix this problem: use v3.1 as
the intermediary. Looks too like you might need to make a bogus change
to your QRPs while in RB v3.1, just to be sure the dirty flag is set in RB
and it really does a fresh save out of the file. From there you can get
them into v4.1. Probably a tedious task, if you have many reports, but
at least you have a solution!

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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