Dynalib position

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Didier Tourneur

Dynalib position

Post by Didier Tourneur » 01 Feb 2006, 14:09

 Posted by:  Didier Tourneur 

It's seem that with td 2005.1 ptf 1 the order of function have changed.

now the dynalibs are in first in the outline before of apl's functions.

With hundreds functions it's very disapointing.


Jeff Luther
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Re: Dynalib position

Post by Jeff Luther » 01 Feb 2006, 17:28

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

"very disappointing" - Why? Unless TD v4.1 has changed how it builds its
symbol table, all the declarations are built first, before any executable SAL
code is analyzed. That's why there is no need for a "forward" declaration in
TD for functions; it does not matter which order the functions are listed im
the Functions section. They all compile ok, even if any of them calls a
function declared above it in the outline.

The same is true of classes in the Classes section. Order does not matter.

The only exception to this "it does not matter what the order is" is for
Constants. There, to use a const. in the declaration of a const., it needs
to declared above the one referencing it. Thus,
String: sFOO = 'foo'
String: sBAR = 'bar'
String: sFOOBAR = sFOO || sBAR

compiles ok.

String: sFOOBAR = sFOO || sBAR
String: sFOO = 'foo'
String: sBAR = 'bar'

would not. I just ran a small test and see that the order of your APLs and APDs
in the File Include section affect the order of the listing in your app: If APD
is first, my exported functions are listed first; if the APL is listed first,
its functions are first.

I just tested with TD v4. So try with v4.1 My Test-Drive version of v4.1 just went
'bye-bye' since my 45-day grace period ended. Short but sweet, I guess... ;-)

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design
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