Bug in ReportBuilder 4.0.0

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Hassler Werner

Bug in ReportBuilder 4.0.0

Post by Hassler Werner » 13 Jan 2006, 10:37

 Posted by:  Hassler Werner 

Hi NG,
Open a report hangs with CPU utilization 99%.

To do so you have to create a test report like this:

Create a new report with Builder 4.0.0. (TD2005,PTF1).
Insert only one new line in the "Detail Block" section.
Open the "properties dialog" -> "Behaviors" -> select "Supress Line
Save the report. Try to open report, it will hang, CPU utilization 99%.

Same problem apperars also if i put a "textfield" or an "datafield with an
Input Variable" to the line.If i put a "datafield with an Input Item" it
works well.

If i use the "old" Report Builder 1.1.2 Ptf12 everything works well.

By Werner

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