Sql.ini file error - Line too long in SQL.INI

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Sql.ini file error - Line too long in SQL.INI

Post by quasar_benoit » 17 Dec 2005, 10:30

 Posted by:  Benoit Delalande 

Hi everybody...

strange behavior with CTD 2.10 PTF3

Just wrote a very simple app, connecting a cursor to an oracle database.

At the sqlconnect call, i get this message box :

Title : sql.ini file error
Message : (null): (null): Line too long in SQL.INI

And just after I get 2 messages box : Cannot communicate with
SqlRouter/Oralce and SqlRouter/Odbc.

This message appears ONLY after saving the app and loading in a new instance
of CTD. It does not appear if i do not save the app (just after writing it).
Of course the SQL.INI is ok. I checked the app saved in indented text format
with the Windows notepad.

After loading the app, if I open the database Explorer, then no error !
that's why i think that the sql.ini file is allright.

I checked with SqlTalk : it's ok. No error message, and also with TOM
connected to an Oracle repository, still no error.

I got also this problem with a CTD 1.51 PTF6 but not with 1.50 PTF3.

If any clue, let me know !


Petra Zamburek

Re: Sql.ini file error - Line too long in SQL.INI

Post by Petra Zamburek » 21 Dec 2005, 15:36

 Posted by:  Petra Zamburek 

some months ago i also had a similar problem with sql.ini, but i don't
remember the exact behavior.

The reason was a comment: the max. length of a comment is 125 characters!
So the limit of a comment-line is 126 characters, including the ;
If the line is longer, it is wrapped and the rest of the section becomes


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