Report Builder 2005 problem

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Report Builder 2005 problem

Post by pernik » 04 Nov 2005, 14:23

 Posted by:  Jan Pernica 

Hi everybody

we have got Gupta 2005 Ptf1 and we are facing this problem:
we create report (.QRP).
When we add a grouping sectioin into report and save the report then we
are not able to opend report again. The builder hangs and takes 100% of
the CPU.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Jan Pernica


Re: Report Builder 2005 problem

Post by shyam » 08 Nov 2005, 10:47

 Posted by:  shyam 


I have not come across this problem while adding the grouping section to the
report. If you can provide more information like the system configuration.
Also, provide information as to what your report contain apart from grouping
so that i can try to help you out.


Pedro Vazquez

Re: Report Builder 2005 problem

Post by Pedro Vazquez » 15 Mar 2006, 20:28

 Posted by:  Pedro Vazquez 

Hi there...

I had the same problem... and we find out that If we had a condition in the
hole detail block when we tried to open it with Rep. Builder 2005 It hangs
that way,
but if I set it on each line of the detail block it works fine!!!...

Hope it helps...

Pedro E. Vazquez
Buenos Aires Software S.A. --

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