SQLTalk, Long Data and Semi-Colons

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Clifford Bass

SQLTalk, Long Data and Semi-Colons

Post by Clifford Bass » 16 Sep 2005, 23:27

 Posted by:  Clifford W. Bass 

Hello All,

Here is the response to an esoteric Log-A-Bug case I submitted today.

O/S=Windows 2000 Server
Occurs=Run Time
Details=SQLTalk incorrectly stops before the end of an insert or update
command involving long varchar data when a line of long data contains a
semi-colon at the end of a line and when the cursor is placed within the
data on or before that line.

SQLTalk is also not able to determine correctly the beginning of the command
if you place the cursor on a line of data after the line that ends in a

Log-A-Bug has reviewed the issue listed below and determined that this is a
defect. The defect number is 83988. For further information watch for the
fix in the Fixes.Wri file in future PTF's or Releases.

Clifford Bass

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