SalTblPopulate selecting BIGINT column from DB2 (ODBC/OLEDB)

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Lubos Vnuk

SalTblPopulate selecting BIGINT column from DB2 (ODBC/OLEDB)

Post by Lubos Vnuk » 01 Sep 2005, 19:44

 Posted by:  Lubos Vnuk 


I'd like to use SalTblPopulate's old feature to dynamically create and
populate columns from a query.

I stumbled over a problem where selecting a column of type BIGINT from IBM
DB2/UDB returns the following sql error:
#102 - Select buffer is too small - One of the application's sqlssb function
calls set up a fetch buffer that is insufficient to hold the data fetched.

This is in TD2005.1 with the ODBC router.
Using OLE DB connectivity with "Provider=IBMDADB2" SalTblPopulate simply
returns FALSE and I am not even getting any error msg (no SqlError nor

(I searched the newsgroups and found a similar problem described in
CTDUser's post in from 10 May, 2001 titled
"OLEDB and SalTblPopulate")

Hope someone can help,

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