TD 3.1 Bug with dynalibs

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TD 3.1 Bug with dynalibs

Post by J.Bertram » 15 Jul 2005, 11:18

 Posted by:  Joerg P. Bertram 

Product=Team Developer
O/S=Windows XP
Occurs=Run Time
Details=We have a problem with dynalibs (see example). The EXE with
classes without class variables works fine. The EXE with a class in both
EXE and dynalib with a class with class variables crashes at the end
of the program. Beside of that the dynalibs have both the same
interface! To declaring the classes with !__exported solves the
problem. But than we have to include this classes in all interfaces!

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Re: TD 3.1 Bug with dynalibs

Post by Mirko » 15 Jul 2005, 14:36

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

Hi Joerg,
have a look at the thread
[D#82224] Shared class variables in Dynalibs
from Dave Rabelink the 13.4.2005

he even gave us a nice (easier to implement ) work around :

!!CB!! 28
On SAM_AppExit
Set cMyClas.cMyClasVar = OBJ_Null


PS Thanks again Dave ;-)

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