[D#83071] CDK EnumFormat method returns corrupted types

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[D#83071] CDK EnumFormat method returns corrupted types

Post by Dave Rabelink » 02 May 2005, 12:49

 Posted by:  Dave Rabelink 

Log-A-Bug has reviewed the issue listed below and determined that this is a
defect. The defect number is #83071.
For further information watch for the fix in the Fixes.Wri file in future
PTF's or Releases.

cdkApplication EnumFormat method returns corrupted types for the formats.

FYI ALSO HAPPENS WITH TD2005 same for previous BUG REPORT DEFECT#83069

Thank you,

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Bug report:

The EnumFormats method on the cdkApplication class located in
TD SDK returns corrupted types for the formats. There seems to be
a NULL character after the type text so when using this in concatenations
it will result in unwanted behaviour.

After the method EnumFormats there should be something like the list below.
(It concatenates type, a : character and format strings which are returned
by the method)

Number: 0'%'
Number: #0
Number: ###000
Number: ###000;'($'###000')'
Date/Time: hh:mm:ss AMPM
Date/Time: M/d/yy
Date/Time: MM-dd-yy
Date/Time: dd-MMM-yyyy
Date/Time: MMM d, yyyy
Date/Time: MMM d, yyyy hh:mm AMPM
Date/Time: MMMM d, yyyy hh:mm AMPM

But it shows :


Workaround :
Get the type string up until the NULL character in the buffer.

sType = SalStrLeftX( sType, SalStrLength( sType ) )

Dave Rabelink

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