SQLBASE - Sqlconsole Alarm problem

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Michael Wong

SQLBASE - Sqlconsole Alarm problem

Post by Michael Wong » 22 Apr 2005, 17:40

 Posted by:  Michael Wong 

I am using SQLCONSOLE 7.6.1 Build 12911 in enhanced mode and have the Alarm
setting turned on for inactive connections (no activity after 3 minutes). I
have both the BEEP & E-Mail enabled and the toggel switch turned on but
nothing ever happens. Is this a "bug" for this build of SQLCONSOLE 7.6.1?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Mike Vandine

Re: SQLBASE - Sqlconsole Alarm problem

Post by Mike Vandine » 11 May 2005, 11:19

 Posted by:  Mike Vandine 

This could be a defect with that version. I tried it on SB 9.0 and got
beeps happening. See the screenshot.


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