Welcome New participants and Team Developer/SQLBase users

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Jim McNamara

Welcome New participants and Team Developer/SQLBase users

Post by Jim McNamara » 14 Oct 2004, 19:36

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

I can't help but notice a number of new names showing up in these forums.
As a result, I see the need to restate some tips that help make these groups
more useful.

1. Post your question/comment to only one forum please. If you feel you
must, it's ok to cross-post. It's very difficult to follow 3 or 4 different
threads on the same question. Most of us that participate on a regular
bases read all of the groups. So it's better to post to the wrong one than
to start multiple threads.

2. The participants in this group are from all corners of the globe. The
language of the forum is English. Don't worry if your English isn't
perfect. Most of us ignorant Americans are too lazy to learn another
language, so please bear with us.

3. Post your messages in plain text. Some news readers can't handle HTML.

4. Since we don't all have the luxury of high speed (T-1, cable, or DSL)
a. Zip ALL attachments
b. Don't post screen shots for error messages or whatever. Type the
relevant portions of the screen in your text message.

5. If you post a TD application file ,save it as text before you post. If
you are using a newer version of TD than someone who wants to open the file,
they will not be able to open a binary (.app or .apl) file. The outline
version number in a text file can be edited in a text editor so they can
open it in their version of Team Developer.

I suspect some of you will want to make some additional suggestions.

Again, welcome to the Gupta forums. It's encouraging to see new
participants that realize there is a better way than Microsoft to build
database applications.

Jim McNamara


Re: Welcome New participants and Team Developer/SQLBase users

Post by Karthik » 14 Oct 2004, 23:13

 Posted by:  Karthik 

6) Pl. dont post questions in forum source code

7)Useful sites:
www.iceteagroup.com (Subscribe to TeaTalk).
Thomas Althammers old FAQ is still very useful, but not current. But
TeaTalk has most updates/recent articles.
George Panov's website --> He has some free stuff and some for sale
Lubos Vnuk's website
Michael Stolls website--> Table window Addons like export to Excel.

8)Check for the latest release of SalExtension.APL. Made by Thomas
Lauzi, this has most of the contributions worth having.

9)The Centura pro back issues at the gupta website are a good resource
They are not updated any longer, but some of the old ones are really good.

And if all else fails, pray for Mike V or Charlie M

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Re: Welcome New participants and Team Developer/SQLBase users

Post by RainerE » 15 Oct 2004, 09:26

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

9) Please search for a similiar thread before asking a questing. Many
answers have already been discussed. To find all old threads, please
configure your newsreader correctly. (in outlook express e.g. you have to
allow outlook to download all messages - the default is to download only the
300 newest messages).

10) Please think twice before posting an answer to a newsgroup. I've answers
that have been corrected after a view minutes and enhanced a few minutes
later and corrected a few minutes later. It's exhausting reading all this


Martin Duty

Re: Welcome New participants and Team Developer/SQLBase users

Post by Martin Duty » 15 Oct 2004, 14:11

 Posted by:  Martin Duty 



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