Gupta oppty in Orlando, FL

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Keith Sandberg

Gupta oppty in Orlando, FL

Post by Keith Sandberg » 23 Jan 2009, 20:11

 Posted by:  Keith Sandberg 

Saw this on today.

It says "by the airport in Orlando, FL" - which probably means Curascript

Melbourne, FL

Check Abdoul

Re: Gupta oppty in Orlando, FL

Post by Check Abdoul » 02 Feb 2009, 20:42

 Posted by:  Check Abdoul 

Hi Keith,

I called "Sai Information Systems" mentioned in the job listing and they
said that this was a very long time ago and that they even cancelled their
registration with long ago and have no idea why hotgigs is
updating the listing now.

Oh well, Let us know if there are other parttime (gupta SQL/C++)
contract jobs in and around Orlando.


Check Abdoul


Re: Gupta oppty in Orlando, FL

Post by unnikrishnan » 31 Mar 2009, 18:32

 Posted by:  unnikrishnan 

i ahve 6 years of experince in gupta
so i am looking for a good opertunity
If you can provide any vaccancy please send email to
one year experience in malasiya


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