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Andrew Clark


Post by Andrew Clark » 10 Dec 2008, 20:43

 Posted by:  Andrew Clark 

Hello everyone,

Has anyone found value in the certification offered by Unify? I was
thinking it's only $100, so may as well.



Re: Certification

Post by Bud » 12 Dec 2008, 01:56

 Posted by:  Bud 

Hi Andrew,

Just a thought - Please read the message prior to yours by "Gupta Vet",
and possibly you will find a clue in that. Hey, I got Gupta certified
many, many years ago. I wonder where I can find a list of certified
people? Do you know where Unify publishes such a list? I emailed Unify
to get such a list a few months ago - I never got an answer to that
email. Possibly another clue.

Best regards,


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