Gupta Developer Opportunities in Charlotte, NC

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William Rush

Gupta Developer Opportunities in Charlotte, NC

Post by William Rush » 17 Jun 2008, 21:03

 Posted by:  William Rush 

This is William Rush and I am a technical recruiter with The Matlen Silver
Group. Below I have inserted a position that I thought you might be
interested in. There are a total of 15 positions remaining for this project.
These opportunities will be located in Charlotte, NC (working out of the
Matlen Silver Group's office) with some of the work in Roanoke, VA. All of
the positions are expected to be 1 year or longer in duration. Please look
over the details and let me know what your thoughts are. I look forward to
hearing from you and have a great day.


William Rush

Client is in need of mid to senior level Centura Gupta programmers to work
on the same major expansion project. The team will consist of 15-20
programmers. Lead and Sr Developer must have ample experience with Centura
Gupta on the programming side as well as knowledge of the business aspect
(Insurance, Property & Casualty specifically). Our client is understanding
of the market and does not expect to be able to identify 10 resources with
extensive Gupta knowledge in a reasonable amount of time. For that reason
they have decided that strong experience with Visual Basic and or
Powerbuilder could substitute for a lack of recent experience in Gupta
(Especially if candidate is knowledgeable about P&C Industry). Lead
developers will train new developers on the Centura Gupta product for the
first couple of weeks, so it would be a good opportunity to gain new

William Rush

Technical Recruiter

(704) 358-0818 Office

(800) 497-0972 Toll-free

(704) 358-0886 Fax

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