I need your feedback...

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Roberto Perez

I need your feedback...

Post by Roberto Perez » 25 Nov 2007, 02:39

 Posted by:  RobertoPerez 

I am redoing my resume and also I am changing the way of how to present it.
My word resume document is not ready yet so the pdf file that is available
is old but it will give you almost the same information that the pages. The
host server is GEOCITIES and that means that the page can run kind of slow
depending on your machine's speed. Please let me know your comments for
good or bad. Thank you for your time and happy holidays 2008.



Roberto Perez

Re: I need your feedback...

Post by Roberto Perez » 05 Dec 2007, 04:20

 Posted by:  RobertoPerez 

I do present an apology to all of you because of the following issue.

After almost a month, I went last Friday to check if anybody saw my
"prototype" taking the statistics from GEOCITIES and I realized the

Opera: 39.07 %
Mozilla 36.43 %
Mozilla 11.76 %
Netscape: 6.76 %
Mozilla 1.7.12: 5.70 %
MSIE 7.0: 0.28 % ( yes, your eyes are ok )

As you can see more than 99.7 % are running Mozilla instead of IE, and then
I realized why I never got a feedback so I have finished a Mozilla version
and posted in on one of the two places to let you see what I want you to

For those running firefox (tested) and hopefully opera, netscape and safari
please click the link below
link # 1 ==> http://www.geocities.com/robertoperezmex/rp_resume.htm

For those running IE please click the link below
link # 2 ==> http://www.geocities.com/roberto_resume/rp_resume.htm

Clarifications for link # 1 aka firefox and others running Mozilla:
1- changing javascript to let it run on Mozilla took out a lot of
2- under Mozilla there is not styles so try to read it adding punctuation
3- it also runs on IE but a lot less functionality, the styles are there
4- menu Resume/rp_resume.pdf has problems
5- menu Resume/Hobbies is not showing the links to display JS and XML files
6- under Mozilla you have to click the text over the image to see the
related matrix
7- under IE moving over the mouse will show the image otherwise click it

Clarifications for link # 2 aka IE 100%
1- IE will display a messages asking permission to run ActiveX, please click
Ok or Yes
2- Since javascript is reading and loading a XML file then MS is using
ActiveX control
3- If IE run ActiveX and javascript will allow you to see everything

Thank you all and happy holidays 2007 (another mistake)

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