Gupta Development Positions Available - Full-time & Contract

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Gerald S

Gupta Development Positions Available - Full-time & Contract

Post by Gerald S » 07 Jun 2005, 00:11

 Posted by:  Gerald S 

Execupay, Inc. has been an industry leader in payroll service bureau
software for 31 years, providing software solutions to some of the best
payroll service companies in the country.

Our flagship payroll system is SQLWindows (in process of converting
from 2.0 to 4.0) and MS SQL Server. Currently, with the 2nd largest
user-base in our industry, we are expanding our development team for
both full-time developers (on-site in San Antonio, TX) and off-site
contract/freelance developers.

We require a minimum of 1-2 years experience with sQLWindows/Team
Developer and 3-4 years total of software development experience.
Building Blocks Class Library is a plus.

We are looking for quality, permanent employment relationships, whether
full-time or contract, for quality developers that work well with
small, talented development teams.

We also have available projects with Java, VB.Net, and

If you are interested, please contact me directly via email:

Execupay, Inc.
510 Portland Rd.
San Antonio, TX
Gerald Stowers

Abdul M. Babatunde TAHIR-AKINYELE

Gupta Development Positions Available - Full-time & Contract

Post by Abdul M. Babatunde TAHIR-AKINYELE » 07 Jun 2005, 02:09


Hi Gerald,

I am interested in the above position, i have just sent my resume to your
email address for your consideration, please review and do not hesitate to
contact me if you need more information, I have use Building Blocks for some
time, and looking forward to hearing from you shortly.



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