Wanted: Gupta Sales Agents

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Martin Teetz

Wanted: Gupta Sales Agents

Post by Martin Teetz » 30 Jan 2003, 16:25

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

As most of you know, Gupta is alive and doing well. We have been
profitable every quarter since Platinum Equities acquired us and
engineering has done a fabulous job with the products while the newest
releases of SQLBase and Team Developer have never been better.

We now want to broaden our reach and put more "feet on the street" and
thought that a good way to do this would be to sign-up Sales Agents, in
the U.S. who would act as independent contractors and try to obtain more
business for us. The commission rate is considered very high (even for
software sales) and where some good money could be made is if any of you
know of a company that needs an embedded database for their application
and since such deals typically invoice for between $10-100,000 the
amounts can really add-up.

If you or someone else might be interested in exploring this opportunity
send a note to mailto:roger.vaught@guptaworldwide.com or call

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