Looking for a Senior Centura/Gupta Developer...

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Centura/Gupta Developer

Looking for a Senior Centura/Gupta Developer...

Post by Centura/Gupta Developer » 30 Jul 2002, 15:57

 Posted by:  Centura/Gupta Developer 


More than ten (10) years (3.5 in the USA) of progressive and extensive
experience as an Information Technology Professional. Successfully completed
the life cycle of development and implementation of software applications in
different industries. Proven success with a wide range of software
development tools including relational databases (Oracle, Sybase,
SQLServer), 4GLs (SQLWindows/Centura Team Developer), OOP, Internet
environment (IIS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, JSP), N-Tiers
environment and others (PVCS, ERWin). Particularly effective working for
multiple project team organizations. Fluent in English and Spanish.
Actually working as a consultant for Apollo-Group Inc, account manager Mrs.
Melissa Jacobs reachable at 1 800 461 2270 or melissa@apollo-group.com.

You can access my resume at

I am open to relocation and willing to work part-time, full-time and

Thank you very much and do not hesitate to contact me for any question.


resume enclose.

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