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Gerd Niemetz


Post by Gerd Niemetz » 10 Apr 2002, 18:38

 Posted by:  Gerd Niemetz 

Hi NG!

Anyone know what's the matter with www.Centurajobs.com?
Not reachable for longer time.

thanks in advance,
best regards

Gerd Niemetz


Re: Centurajobs.com

Post by Peter » 12 Apr 2002, 15:15

 Posted by:  Peter 

Several months ago the site announced it would cease operation.
Regards, Peter

Erasmus CA

Re: Centurajobs.com

Post by Erasmus CA » 20 Apr 2002, 02:48

 Posted by:  Erasmus CA 

Are there even any Centura jobs out there?

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